20 June 2008

C-Thru Axis Keyboard

This keyboard is very different.  It is set up as a two dimensional "harmonic table" rather than a linear traditional keyboard.  This allows the player the ability to use a single finger to play chords.  A couple of fingers are all that is needed to play complex chords.  Now don't go thinking this is the "single-note chord" function found so often on home keyboards.  This is way more useful.  And certainly no where near as cheesy.

At first glance, the layout is reminiscent of the left-hand controls on an accordion.  However, they are not set up to play only chords or bass, rather they allow you to do anything you could do on a traditional keyboard as well.

Looks like transposition is pretty simple also.  Just a matter of offsetting the shapes and lines in one direction or another.  It appears to be a pretty well though out controller for live playing as well.  It includes pitch and mod wheels, a couple of continuous knobs, a number of selection buttons, as well as jacks for connections of pedals and whatnot.  Layers and splits are possible as well.

It should be interesting to see how a keyboardist with 20 odd years of playing can adapt to this style of controller.  I should be able to try this out tomorrow.  I'll let you know what I think!

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