23 June 2008

SNAMM2008: Bass Box

OK, this one is unusual.  This is a kit from Bogdon Music (sells in the $75-100 range) with which you can make your own cardboard upright bass!  I know it's killing you at the moment because you already want one but hang with me for a moment.  The neck is wood runs all the way down the front of the box.  It's glued to the box, the bridge is made of folded cardboard ( I suppose you could vary your action by using different sizes of cardboard) and there is a piezo disc transducer glued inside to pick up the box resonance.  This is hooked up to a 1/4" jack for output.

The crazy thing is....  it actually sounds pretty good!   It is comfortable and cheap.  They have them in 2 and 3 string varieties.  Check out the videos on YouTube and see what you think!

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