23 June 2008

SNAMM2008: Visit to API

Visited API's booth.  They were showing the new Arsenal line of gear.  A trade show floor is no place to evaluate audio, but I will say that these would definitely fulfill my need for Army surplus-styled gear populating my rack!  They were also showing the 1608 console.  Looks absolutely perfect for those of us with one foot in console-based recording and the other foot in DAW-land.  It runs approximately $50K.  It is the most solid console I've put my hands on in the sub-$100K price range.  Very, very cool.  

I should add that I am a big fan of the VPR alliance that API has set up allowing other companies to develop for 500 series racks.  This allows those of us with semi-mobile rigs to move around and set up quickly.  I can't say enough good about this!

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